IoT Crusher Advanced 1-Year License (Linux)


IoT Crusher Advanced is the ultimate default credentials scanner, allowing for high attack customization and including all the premium features of IoT Crusher Basic, plus:

  • Use just a single credential check to minimize and prevent account lockout for maximum efficiency
  • Automatically map credentials to your application and device infrastructure before you test
  • Customize your search and attack by the manufactures in your environment
  • Run brute force tests along with the mapped credentials to cover more surface area
  • Utilize our unique, highly curated lists of known device and application credentials
  • Tests 5 protocols: http/s, ssh, telnet, vnc, ftp
  • IoT Crusher runs on Debian systems with glibc 2.23+ including the latest Kali distribution, Ubuntu 16.04, and Ubuntu 18.04
  • Excellent pdf, xml, text, and csv export of data results for standalone use or use in other reports.


IoT Crusher is the only default credentials scanner you will ever need. It will allow your organization and pen testers to discover those elusive entry points that other scanners won’t find.

Default credentials are everywhere but hard to find. Older methods use huge lists of user names and passwords and try and figure out any combination that may exist.

IoT Crusher’s unique approach replaces this inefficient technique. We use highly curated lists of known credentials. Our customized lists of credentials allow organizations and testers to specifically target both protocols and devices. IoT Crusher will help you find what other scanners miss.

Most IoT Telnet implementations don’t lock out accounts by default, rendering brute force attack methods particularly effective, as evidenced by malware such as the Mirai bot and Hajime worm.