September 14, 2017


What platforms do you support?

We currently support x86 64bit Debian Linux, including Kali Linux and Ubuntu. We seek to expand our set of supported platforms in future versions.

How is the software licensed?

It is licensed per user per organization per CPU. Everyone must have a licensed copy who runs the application. Sharing and copying is prohibited.

Do you use other software, code, or components in your software?

No. Our core product is 100% proprietary. We do not incorporate any code from third parties or execute other applications from IoT Crusher: we do not incorporate any code from nmap or masscan nor does IoT Crusher call either application. IoT Crusher is a Python application and includes standard imports found with the normal core distribution and through pip/pip3.

What about open source?

If any third-party open source code is used (in the future) it shall remain unmodified and shall be distributed in accordance with its GPLed license.

Do you use grep or re when mapping hosts to credentials?

No. We use various techniques, including pattern matching. Older versions used  algorithms to do the matching: so if the match between our data and the scanning data scores over a certain percentage we map.

What are your support options?

As an ultra-lean startup please contact us through Twitter. We monitor it regularly but please be aware that we may not reply during non-business hours EST.

Can I submit ideas for a new feature?

We love customer suggestions: bring them on! We can’t guarantee your ideas and suggestions will be incorporated but we’re always open to them! Find us on Twitter. Our friendly lawyers asked us to reminded you that any suggestions, feedback, improvements, IP, etc. become ours and we do not / cannot offer compensation.

What is cmdBuilder?

We developed a web interface to help build the command string to run the application so that ultimately it’s as easy as cut and paste. This allows even minimally technical people to run the software.

What nmap switches do you suggest I use?

We strongly suggest including the service detection (-A) switch in your scans as well (-oX) the XML output switch.