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The Anti-Brute Force Credential Scanner:
Gone are the days of brute-forcing accounts from lists around the Internet. IoT Crusher finds what other scanners miss

Default Credential Problems

* Default credentials are more wide-spread than realized

* Scanners do not check many default credentials

* Brute force testing takes too long & can lock out accounts

* Embedded IoT devices are especially vulnerable

* Major hacks due to default crendentials: Target, Verifone, Signature Systems, etc.

Anti-Account Lockout Technology

IoT Crusher makes lockouts a thing of the past. Our unique single authentication attempt per potential default user name for a given device, when possible, makes the odds of an account lockout minimal due to the extremely limited testing. In these cases, there is no need for brute forcing of accounts.

Optimized Tests in All Cases

We’ve optimized the user name and password combinations to use the fewest possible, if the device is identified or not. IoT Crusher allows for faster scans and reduces account lockout when single checks are not an option.

9000+ devices

We’ve done all the hard work for you: over 9000 devices (Routers, Switches, malware) found, categorized, and default credentials optimized for, including IoT. The list keeps growing: the app easily updates itself as we scour the Internet and add more devices as we find them!

Test for Malware Access

We added a really awesome feature: you can scan your networks using known malware credentials and determine which hosts a breach will infect

Flexible Technology Licensing

Our passion for the technology means we like to keep things simple: We do not restrict scanning per IP and we do not calculate our licensing fee per device. Our terms are flat rate yearly for unlimited scanning per seat. Licensing is by individual seat per organization or user. No additional costs or hidden extras.

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Intro: Default Credential Scanning by Manufacturer (more videos below)

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