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Pen-Testing Services Driven by Custom Products & Tools

IoT Device Testing and Assessment Services

We offer custom IoT security assessment and certification services. We have unique and custom tools to test IoT devices and security. We test the entire device application stack as well as the protocol interfaces.

Application Penetration Testing

Application penetration testing assessments are designed to see if external hackers or internal employees can get unauthorized access to data or if your website has cyber security vulnerabilities.

Source Code Analysis

We preform static source code analysis to find vulnerabilities as a stand alone service or as part of our other assessment work. This service analyses the application to find bugs that may not be found through penetration testing means.

Network Penetration Testing

Our assessments can be of your internet presence or internal network. We check for vulnerabilities on your network and try to use the discovered weakness to gain access to resources we should not.

Mobile Application Testing

Our mobile application testing consists of dynamic and static application analysis. The assessment includes but is not limited to reverse engineering the mobile application, “light” source code review, network traffic assessment, back-end web services testing, and client database SQL injection testing.

About Us

We are experts in a number of technology assessment services and have tested the security of publicly traded name brand US companies.
IoT and Application Security with a focus on product & tool development
  • Our top professionals have long careers in the cyber security field and are often thought leaders who speak at major security conferences.

  • Our top professionals and board of directors are known thoughout the industry and considered leaders in the field of cyber security.

  • The custom cyber security applications developed by our company makes our assessment services a cut above the rest.

  • Our professionals have a track record of discovering and solving unique security issues.